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Personas updated

I have kept the same type of persona’s but have updated their attributes to conform to the new project idea.



  1. Goes antique shopping
  2. Refinishes antique furniture
  3. Peruses antique websites and magazines
  4. Familiar with computers but does not want to interact with anything too complicated
  5. Takes a lot of photos with her phone



  1. Enjoys skateboarding
  2. Is too young to go to the skate park
  3. Watches skate videos
  4. Is familiar with playing games on the computer
  5. Not very comfortable with taking photos, would need a parents help



  1. Interested in Home Improvement
  2. Photographs and sketches ideas for remodeling projects
  3. Dislikes wasting time returning to the home improvement store for necessary items
  4. Familiar with computers and interested in technology
  5. Enjoys having a large collection of tools.

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